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Uh, what does all this have to do with OSM?

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> Three rules for OSM planning in Canberra
> **Rule 1: In Australian Communist Territory everything is owned by the
> government,
> Rule 2: everything is controlled by the government and
> Rule 3: nothing happens without the government know about it.**
> If you want to know why read on.
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> GitHub.)
> I live in Canberra, the Australian Communist Territory, where we all work
> for the Federal Government and don’t do anything useful. At least that is
> what the Australian press and politicians would lead you to believe.
> Canberrans disagree, “if you worked for these politicians you wouldn’t vote
> for them.” It is a bit like you sending us your inlaws, they are not
> welcome. As for the press, well, what do they know about Canberra. There is
> a great deal of misinformation about the ACT and this is obvious when
> Canberrans talk with visitors, “It’s part of NSW, isn’t it? It is certainly
> in NSW?” Well, we are not ruled by Sydney but certainly, we are ruled by
> the Federal Government.
> If you find me a bit sceptical about outsiders ability to understand the
> ACT, then that’s because you have never spoken about Canberra with my
> family.  So first I will clear up a few basic facts about Canberra, then I
> will tell you where all the money comes from, and finally, I will explain
> why nothing happens in Canberra with the ACT Government knowing about it.
> In the Australian Communist Territory, you better pay attention to the
> Five-Year Plan.
> **Some basic facts**
> Firstly, until this year most of the population worked for the government
> (ACT or Federal). Now just over 50% are employed outside the government. It
> is not true that all the Federal public servants work in Canberra, about
> 50% do but over 30% work in Sydney and Melbourne, and about 16% work in
> rural Australia. Canberra is the bush capital. I read somewhere that 30% of
> the Federal government employees work for defence: biggest budget, most
> employees, $50 billion for subs, the biggest everything. It is not true
> that the Australian Public Service is particularly big either. The
> Australian Public Service is only a third the size of the NSW public
> service. Most Canberrans were not born in Canberra, they either immigrated
> to the country or Canberra from Melbourne, Sydney or rural NSW (or
> Queanbeyan for that matter).
> **How does the ACT work?**
> We are not a state but a territory, which means that we don’t have the
> autonomy of the state. Canberra is like Rome with another autonomous
> territory with the city. Our Vatican City is called the Capital Planning
> Authority. The Capital Planning Authority still controls everything in the
> Parliamentary Triangle but also has regulatory oversight of any
> developments in the ACT within 200m from major thoroughfares around it. The
> ACT government is responsible for planning in the rest of the ACT, except
> military areas, of which there are many. For reasons of prudence the ACT
> planning is done in such a way that it does not conflict with the Capital
> Planning Authority. A difference is that the Capital Planning Authority is
> prescribed to build in a “premium quality” so that it looks special.
> **How is development in the ACT funded?**
> With the federation of Australia, the Commonwealth purchased three large
> farms and then a bit (Hall), but unfortunately, not Queanbeyan. All land
> then belonged to the Commonwealth Government and that is how it is until
> this day. If you “buy” a house in Canberra, you have a 99-year lease on the
> land on which it stands. After that, it would in principle go back to the
> ACT government. (Rule1: In Australian Communist Territory everything is
> owned by the government.) This is unlikely to happen to a house, but
> investors have been caught out purchasing a site for retail development and
> then have done nothing with it to discover they were threatened by the ACT
> government with lose of the lease unless they finished the job. The most
> important sources for ACT revenue are land tax, payroll tax, Federal
> Government (CHOGM) funding and most importantly LAND SALES. Yes, the ACT
> Government is the real estate developer in the ACT. (Rule 3: nothing
> happens without the government know about it.) All suburbs and Canberra are
> planned and developed by the ACT Government and I know only one exception –
> Ginninderry. (Rule 2: everything is controlled by the government). When the
> ACT Government is short of money it develops another suburb with a few
> thousand houses and sells them off in an auction, where each block can get
> up to almost $850,000 and the whole suburb is sold off in hours. (I think
> in Molonglo Valley the whole suburb was sold off in just 6 hours.) To top
> that all off, demand outstrips supply. Luckily with our benevolent
> dictatorships, this Mafia structure works well.
> **Building a city**
> If you were an engineer or urban planner, you would love Canberra. The
> Australian Communist Territory is a planned economy and the ACT Government
> has plans for everything. The ACT Government has standards how everything
> is to be built, designs all sections of the city to those standards often
> using templates, contracts the construction of the plans to industry,
> before then resuming all the assets back to government control and selling
> the land in lots to individuals and builders. The ACT government provides
> all this information for what it is planning on government portals and
> provides mapping tools that allow you to visualise all routes, roads,
> paths, infrastructure, and zoning.
> I will describe specifically where you find this information and mapping
> tools in the next post, before venturing to a concrete task that we need to
> undertake on OSM.
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