[talk-au] What is a discussion brief?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 09:50:48 UTC 2019

On 23/09/19 09:41, Herbert.Remi via Talk-au wrote:
> What is a discussion brief?
> A discussion brief serves to describe comprehensively what we know 
> before we go on to review an issue in OSM. The objective is to decide 
> how to solve a nagging problem. I resist in saying the “best way” as I 
> think often there may be no golden rule to be found.
> I think it enough that OSM is consistent and that we have a definition 
> of quality. Quality is important because when we are trying “improve” 
> OSM it is often “quality” issues, but if there is no consensus of what 
> quality is, then there will be differing opinions on what to do.


Either get to the point .. or I won't read your stuff. And not reading 
it does not mean I agree with it.

Your on the Australian list.. a spade is a spade mate.

If you want to talk to the world of OSM then there are other lists.

If you have a specific problem .. Australian .. or problems ... then 
tell us what they are.

> This process could be done for other states and countries, but I am 
> not getting personally involved in that.

??? Then why go on about it? You seem to think that there is time for 
people to read through this stuff and try to make sense of it. Wrong. 
Every one has other things to do and this takes away from that.

> I hope to release the first discussion brief soon.

No, don't.

Simply state your personal problem. No managerial words .. just the 
problem. No 'discussion brief'. Just in simple words .. what problem you 

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