[talk-au] What are the Facts?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Sep 23 12:16:26 UTC 2019


if I may offer two pieces of advice for a successful discussion on
mailing lists.

On 23.09.19 12:35, Herbert.Remi via Talk-au wrote:
> What are the Facts?
> I have decided to publish the discussion brief in two parts: “The Facts”
> and then “The Issue”. This is me telling you I am going to do that. I
> will send you the first part tomorrow.

First, try not to "lead" the discussion. Open a topic, see what people
have to say, digest, and reply a couple days later. Repeat that process.
If you "drive" things by being very present and writing lots of things
in a small timeframe, people will quickly tire of engaging and you will
be talking to a brick wall.

My second recommendation is, and I admit this is not always possible or
easy, try to limit the number of discussions you open simultaneously to
one, otherwise people will get confused easily and mix your different
issues together ESPECIALLY if the subject is imprecise.

Also, I have the impression that the message I am replying to might
contain a mix of quoted material and your original writing but it is not
obvious to me which are your words and which are copied from elsewhere.
I case you have used text formatting to distinguish - e.g. bold, or
color - it has not surived!


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