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I agree with you

I always map on street and I made at least two trips per month. It’s
exciting, yes, fun and effective too.
I have an iPhone with GoMap!! installed. This app allows adding items
quickly by OSM program language as well as by item search.

Plus, adding things real-time means you can add more details as much as

My favourite items that I usually added into the maps are:
- Shops and services: cafe, restaurants, hairdressers, convenience stores.
- Amenities: bike parkings, waste baskets, toilets, water fountains and
fire hydrants.
- Roads: foot paths in a park, bike lanes.
- Street lights.

I visited Canberra twice last year. It was surprising that the city centre
was mapped for simply, and many facilities were missing.

So I spent about 3 hours mapping the shops and amenities into the map.

For a mapping nerd like me, mapping on a street is fun and a good way to


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> Discussion C: mapping on the street
> OSM is great. I showed it to an organisation as large A0 maps of Canberra.
> The largest size that I could print. The maps still covered the whole board
> table when I left. I demonstrated an android app to the CEO. They had never
> heard of OSM of course. "Its a bit like Google maps." I cannot tell you how
> often I have heard that. I hope it will get the conversation going. Thank
> you for everybody's efforts. :-)
> But to the point…
> mapping on the street
> It is new and exciting, with people in the cafes but OSM says the street
> building site. We have all experienced this.
> JOSM and ID editors are excellent, but you cannot take them with you. The
> ACTmapi Images 2019 are great, but they are almost a year out of date. GPX
> tracks help but the editing is post-processing. It would be ideal to
> correct the maps in real-time on the street. Canberra is changing so fast,
> it is hard to keep up with.
> It would be best to map on the street. When something needs correcting
> mark it with a comment (or photo) for correction immediately (FIXME). The
> app would run on the smartphone continuously showing the most current maps,
> can this be done?
> I welcome your comments.
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