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I obviously hang around with the wrong type of people, council people, traffic engineers, community groups etc. It’s a commonly used term, particularly in Local Government. To quote Austroads guide to Local Area Traffic Management, https://austroads.com.au/publications/traffic-management/agtm08/selection-of-latm-devices/horizontal-deflection-devices/driveway-links (free but registration required)

“Description of driveway links

Driveway links take the form of a single‑lane two-way meandering road extending over the length of two or more property frontages. They are an extended form of a slow point that generally provides a greater visual and physical impact on the street and the amount of traffic using it. Passing points may be required along the link if it is either very long or it is curved such that approaching drivers cannot see to the far end. Driveway links are particularly effective in reducing through traffic. Consideration needs to be given to maintaining drainage paths and providing bypasses for bicycles where possible”.

A chicane is something you’ll find on a racetrack, best not to get them confused.


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On 4/2/20 8:23 am, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
Yep, choked_table sounds good.

From that wiki page, though, I notice that a chicane is "Called a driveway link in Australia"? Maybe so, but for 40+ years of driving in Australia, I've only ever known them as chicanes!

Who calls a chicane a "driveway link'??? Not I.

Arr Alex Sims in South Australia added it .. message sent.

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