[talk-au] Bushfire mapathon - kudos

John Bryant johnwbryant at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 04:56:08 UTC 2020

I wasn't able to attend the SSSI National Bushfire Recovery Map-a-thon
yesterday, but thanks to the open-access chat, I was able to follow along
as an observer as I had time. It sounded like it went well, with a lot of
participation, including a large number of people encountering
OpenStreetMap for the first time.

I want to shine a bit of a spotlight on Andrew Harvey, Phil Wyatt, and Ewen
Hill. They each put in a considerable effort in making the event a success:
securing waivers, answering questions from organisers, providing technical
support, and helping new mappers find their way.

When the event organisers had some difficulties due to unfamiliarity with
the OSM project & community, Andrew, Phil, & Ewen really stepped up at
short notice to make sure that new mappers had a great experience, handling
themselves professionally and staying positive & productive throughout.
And, I'll note - they're not done yet, these guys are still working on
waivers, data cleanup, and lessons learned, even after most of the event
participants have moved on.

Great work you guys. Made me feel proud to be part of such a great

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