[talk-au] foot/bicycle = yes/designated (was Re: TfNSW Cycleways use in OSM)

Luke Stewart suburbansilvervlogs at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 06:13:42 UTC 2020

My understanding is as follows:

yes means that there is the legal right to use something e.g. you have the
right to walk by foot on a sidewalk.

designated means that there is a legal instrument (generally signage and/or
possibly road marking depending on your state) that *specifically* gives
you permission to use a given feature. For instance, a shared path is one
which bicycles and pedestrians can legally use together, and this is
designated by a shared path sign (AU:R8-2
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File%3AAustralia_R8-2.svg?wprov=sfla1). In
this case it would be appropriate for a shared pathway to have both foot
and bicycle be set to designated in my opinion.

Theoretically you could add foot=yes to every sidewalk and/or footway
however my understanding is this key is implied, and will also throw and
error in osmose.
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