[talk-au] TfNSW Cycleways use in OSM

Ash Logan ash at heyquark.com
Sat Feb 22 21:19:49 UTC 2020

Hey Andrew!

On 22/02/2020 10.07, Andrew Harvey wrote:
> Hi Ash, it's great to see some interest in improving bicycle 
> infrastructure in OSM!
> On Tue, 18 Feb 2020 at 15:46, Ash Logan <ash at heyquark.com 
> <mailto:ash at heyquark.com>> wrote:
> ...
> For me it's more that we already have a lot of cycle infrastructure 
> mapped which is constantly being updated and improved so if anything 
> TfNSW data should be treated as a guide only and not the only source of 
> information especially for indications of missing or removed cycle 
> infrastructure.Understandable! So far I've mostly been using it to "point out" infra on 
aerial, and deal with some of the boilerplate tags. I don't think it 
should be trusted over recent imagery or a survey that says something 
*doesn't* exist.

> cycleway:width on a cycleway=shared_lane doesn't make a lot of sense to 
> me, is that the road width? in which case it's just width=, or is it the 
> lane width?
I took a quick look through the data and a lot of the lanes and on-road 
bits appeared to have the lane width rather than the road width, which I 
guess makes sense because you're only interested in the lane as a 
cyclist. A better tag would probably be width:lanes, but that needs 
information I don't have in this dataset (other lanes, lane ordering, 
etc.) and makes cycleway=shoulder a bit confusing.
Mappers using this should definitely check the width tags anyway, a lot 
of them don't seem right to me.

> After a quick scan it looks like a cycle route is marked as 
> cycleway=shared_lane, though generally I'd only add cycleway=shared_lane 
> if there is some kind of bicycle marking on the ground, is that reasonable?
I'd agree - that's what I thought was going on? I understand shared_lane 
as when they paint a bike in the leftmost lane of a road, or in the 
middle of an alley/small residential road.
With that said, TfNSW's definition - "On road facility type shared with 
moving vehicles" - is a lot vaguer, so I wonder if they're tagging some 
unmarked routes..


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