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In that particular example I don't think it's needed, since it's only an entrance to the motorway (not an exit) and South Street probably doesn't need these junction tags.


The tag is useful when exits are named or numbered to say there is a motorway exit at this point which such and such name and ref, it's different to destination sign.


eg. if you had an exit which was number 2 but exited to a road with ref 1, then he destination_sign relation would be ref=1 but the highway=motorway_junction would have ref=2. I've never seen numbered exits but they exist in other countries, and maybe here too.


If I've understood properly, we've got a few of them around here:










So how should these be tagged?




Yes, that is what I thought highway=motorway_junction ought to be used for (but not where the exit is not numbered in any way)



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