[talk-au] Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Phil Wyatt phil at wyatt-family.com
Wed Jan 1 09:21:40 UTC 2020

Hi Folks,


All the phone challenges in Australia were reset a couple of days ago so it will be the end of the month before any new data shows up (except NSW which I will hopefully get completed this month). You can see how old the data refresh was from the challenge page (ie 2 days ago)



I checked a few changesets in the old challenge and the data was from quite a few years ago on some objects. With a clean slate at the end of the month it might be easier to get onto new mappers to give them a heads up on tagging. I generally pass on the Aussie tagging page in any email.




Cheers - Phil


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On Wed, 1 Jan 2020 at 13:10, Phil Wyatt <phil at wyatt-family.com <mailto:phil at wyatt-family.com> > wrote:

Woohoo – thanks Graeme. That one in Mildura was missing a number or something (cant remember now) so I left that.


Was only listed as a 6 digit phone number, so don't know how long ago that was mapped!


I have just finished SA.


& all 8 in the NT are also done :-)



I contacted the creator of the challenges and they get reset every 30 days so a job to check at the start of the month.


So would that have reset this morning, or 1/1 Europe, so our tomorrow?


 Now for 443 in NSW!.......




One thing I did notice was quite a few occurrences of places just being tagged as a building, with no type of shop / business, but with a business name etc listed? 





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