[talk-au] Fire Station Operators

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 22:45:52 UTC 2020

I have taken the liberty of making a few corrections to the 
amenity=fire_station and building=fire_station

regarding multiple buildings and name ...  to conform to normal mapping 
practice. I think there have been translation 'issues' ... :)

I have also taken my pen to the description ...

On 05/01/20 23:28, Sebastian Spiess wrote:
> I took the liberty to add it to the wiki page. The 
> building=fire_station is references on EN and DE translation of the 
> amenity page thus I guess there should be no issue.
> On 5/1/20 9:15 pm, Warin wrote:
>> There are some 944 of them in the data base .. so they should be 
>> documented.
>> I'd be pleased to add a few more, along with the suggested tags.

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