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Resending message to the list :-(

How do we fix it so that "Reply" goes to the list, not just the last poster?



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On Thu, 15 Oct 2020 at 16:34, John Bryant <johnwbryant at gmail.com> wrote:

> Well, they want to map rows, to use OSM in a way that will be useful to
> the viticulture community. The idea is to add more detail to vineyards than
> is currently in OSM, which has vineyard areas but not rows.
> To some degree, but for viticulture people it would be useful to use
> *actual* rather than assumed locations.

Fair enough.

Referring to the OSM carto rendering? That's a good point. What else could
> we use to describe a vine row?

As Brendan mentioned, mark them in as fences, which will show a nice
straight line, although that could be called tagging for the renderer! :-)
It wouldn't be altogether wrong though, as they do form a barrier to
movement across the rows!

do features like vine rows belong in OSM? Does the difficulty in finding a
> tagging schema for vine rows point to an incompatible feature type? I had
> assumed that because they're readily observable on the ground, and
> relatively persistent, it would make sense to map them... but if there's a
> reason they shouldn't be in OSM it would be good to know, so the folks I'm
> helping can change course.

I guess that's a question of what do the end-users want to see about
"their" land? Most would probably be happy just to see it as a vineyard,
but if somebody wants extra detail, is it up to us to say "No"? I wouldn't
have said so, myself!


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