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> I am writing as someone who does voluntary work for a Parks Service. I
> have personal experience with the loop: people use a path because its
> mapped, the path is mapped because it exists because people use it....
> It takes an enormous amount of work to repeatedly deconstruct a track,
> allowing time for it to grow over, to be able to remove it from OSM
> because it no longer exists.

It doesn't need to be completely revegetated to be "removed", if it's
closed by authorities and signposted or otherwise indicated it's not open
for use then I'd be fine with marking it as disused or abandoned per

* national parks illegal tracks

I hear this phrase a lot, but honestly don't quite understand what it
means. In NSW at least, a park authority may "by means of notices displayed
in, or at the boundary of, the park or part of the park to which the
notices relate or by means of written notices given to park users ... close
the park, or any part of the park, to the public", and hence make it
illegal to use, but the track itself is not illegal, only illegal to use
and in OSM we can easily map these as access=no + some kind of lifecycle
prefix stage of decay tag like disused or abandoned.
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