[talk-au] Mapping "off track" hiking routes

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Sat Oct 24 04:49:38 UTC 2020

24 Oct 2020, 00:34 by andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com:
> I can sympathise with the park operator, why should they have to be constantly monitoring for any signs of a track anywhere in the park and installing signage everywhere, why can't they say these are the areas we authorise everywhere else is not authorised, I guess they can install signage to that effect. I guess that's one use case there of OSM for park operators, it can help alert you of where tracks are forming that you might not have intentionally created.
If protected area has rule "access is illegal
signed otherwise" or "access allowed only onĀ 
signposted trails" then such way-specific signage
is not necessary to use access tags.
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