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On Sat, 24 Oct 2020 at 18:54, stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com> wrote:

> The real world example for me is riding in the local forest in SE QLD and
> seeing other riders blindly following MapsMe on tracks that are closed
> (and tagged as such but not visible on the map).
> They are not blind if they are riding.  They are not blind, but let’s
> agree foolish if they are riding on closed trails which are signed as
> closed trails (so signed on the ground), regardless of what MapsMe says,
> because MapsMe doesn’t make people ride on closed trails, people foolishly
> choosing to ignore signs that say “Closed Trail” are what make people ride
> on closed trails.  Their choice, not MapsMe “making them.”  Let’s remember
> that OSM is a data project, not one to curate a specific renderer to
> display with specific semiotics:  getting data correct is paramount.

We shouldn't degrade the quality of the OSM just because a downstream app
chooses not to show the access tag we've added, all we can do is keep
adding these kinds of tags and do things to improve the whole tagging
ecosystem to make it easier for data consumers to understand what the tags
mean and how to interpret them.

I am not suggesting a 'tagging to render' regime but just tagging a trail
> as closed is not having the effect we think it does. Short of adding an
> attribution to the trail name I am not sure how we resolve? Example xyz
> trail [Closed]
Send feedback to the app, post feedback, promote alternative maps and apps
that do respect the way things are tagged and which display this
information to users appropriately.
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