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Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 08:25:49 UTC 2021

On 1/8/21 7:25 pm, Mateusz Konieczny via Talk-au wrote:
> Aug 1, 2021, 09:48 by forster at ozonline.com.au:
>         What physically is this 'screeching fence'?
>         Is it in the middle of the road like a cattle grid, or along
>         the edge
>         of the road?
>         A single pole with the device on it?
>         Or is it 2 poles on opposite sides of the road with devices
>         mounted one them?
>         Or is it a series of poles along both sides of the road with
>         devices on them?
>     Hi Warin
>     There is more than one way to implement virtual fencing
>     The one near me https://www.wildlifesafetysolutions.com.au/
>     Is a series of poles along both sides of the road with devices on
>     them, though it could be one side
>     Tony
> Then barrier=fence is really unsuitable - as it is not a barrier at 
> all for human and
> is unlike other barrier=fence despite using similar name
I'd not place the qualifier on a fence being a human barrier, what if 
the fence is 0.6 meters high?
> I would advise against using barrier=fence for them
> Even barrier=audible_fence would be better.
> Maybe  something completely different
> barrier=audible or barrier=sensoric (???)
> (AFAIK also light is sometimes used)

I'd not use fence even as an extension.

barrier=audio ?

And for one using light alone


For one using both light and audio

barrier-audio_and_light ?

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