[talk-au] Sidewalks in Australia

Tom Brennan website at ozultimate.com
Tue Aug 10 02:55:35 UTC 2021

I've been using the current lockdown to walk and cycle all of the 
streets of my LGA (Willoughby), and I've been checking back to OSM to 
see if there's anything needing updating. For the most part it's just 
minor edits here and there.

I had a couple of questions, one of which I'll address in this email:

highway=footway, footway=sidewalk or highway=*, sidewalk=*

Is there a view for Australia as to which method of mapping sidewalks 
(yes, I'm using the US term because it's unambiguous here) should be 
used? https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Sidewalks

At the moment there are a lot of separately mapped sidewalks in the 
Willoughby LGA, but it's patchy at best. There are streets with 
sidewalks mapped next to other unmapped streets, there are lots of 
connectivity issues, sidewalks end unexpectedly. I don't intend to put 
too much effort into cleaning it up, but where I do make changes, I'd 
prefer to make things better rather than worse!

Hence my asking.

I'm not much of a fan of separately mapped sidewalks, because there tend 
to be an infinite number of places you can walk/cross etc, and any 
mapping fails to capture this. But I'm not too concerned with opening a 
debate if it's already been prosecuted! Just with what the Australian 
"standard" is.

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