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Tom Brennan website at ozultimate.com
Fri Aug 13 23:07:27 UTC 2021

Like my previous post on sidewalks, this one is also from walking and 
cycling all of the streets of my LGA (Willoughby). The other area where 
tagging seems to me to be a bit messy is:


This messiness may be more of a general OSM issue than specifically an 
Australian one!

Where possible I've been trying to add a service=? tag to define these 
better, in line with the relevant pages on the wiki. In my area, the 
majority of these seem to be:

1. laneways between houses -> service=alley
For me these are part of the official road network, but in Willoughby 
they are normally narrow, and lead to/past people's garages. This one 
seems relatively clear cut - and also appears to be the only service tag 
that does relate to the official road network(?)

2. driveways (private property) -> service=driveway + access=private
This seems pretty clear cut in residential areas. It also seems fairly 
clear for small business/industrial property that are for 
employees/business vehicles only.

Where it gets a bit confusing is if the driveway is to something else. 
For example, in the Willoughby area, there are many industrial complexes 
which have "driveways". But if it leads to parking (amenity=parking?), 
is it still a driveway, or is it just highway=service without service=*. 
The access=* issues also interplays with this - because in larger 
industrial complexes there may be a mix of access=private and 

3. parking areas
This one can also be a bit confusing - following the wiki, some of these 
end up being service=parking_aisle, but others are without service=* eg:
I imagine you can do in theory do an area query to establish 
highway=service within amenity=parking, but this does seem clunky!
And not that we should be mapping for the renderer, but the rendering 
also seems inconsistent:

Having written all this down, I'm not sure that I have any more clarity 
in my mind! I suspect that getting 100% consistency is difficult, but 
any comments welcome.

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