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Tom Brennan website at ozultimate.com
Sat Aug 14 22:50:26 UTC 2021

On 14/08/2021 11:59 am, Andrew Harvey wrote:
>> 2. driveways (private property) -> service=driveway + access=private
>> This seems pretty clear cut in residential areas. It also seems fairly
>> clear for small business/industrial property that are for
>> employees/business vehicles only.
>> Where it gets a bit confusing is if the driveway is to something else.
>> For example, in the Willoughby area, there are many industrial complexes
>> which have "driveways". But if it leads to parking (amenity=parking?),
>> is it still a driveway, or is it just highway=service without service=*.
>> The access=* issues also interplays with this - because in larger
>> industrial complexes there may be a mix of access=private and
>> access=customers.
> Can you post examples? In my opinion, a good rule of thumb for driveway is
> where you need to turn off the road and cross the footpath. I realise it's
> not always clear though.
> Technically only the section inside the front fence is private, the section
> between the footpath and road is public but I've never mapped to this level
> of detail.

This is an example of a residential driveway (highway=service + 
service=driveway) that I would add access=private to. I agree with your 
comment about only the section inside the property actually being 
private, but that distinction really only becomes important once 
footpaths are more frequently mapped as highway=footway + footway=sidewalk

This is an example of an industrial complex that has driveways (or 
access roads?) leading to numerous small businesses. Currently 
highway=service, no access or service tags. Access is not clear to me

This is an example of an industrial area driveway (highway=service + 
service=driveway) that I would add access=private to (local knowledge).

This is an example of an industrial complex that has a mix (6 ways 
total) of highway=service, highway=service + service=parking_aisle and 
highway=service + service=driveway(!). Signs at the gate describe it as 
a "road-related area" which I believe means that it is accessible by the 
public - though I don't think that necessarily extends to any parking.

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