[talk-au] Tracks flagged as missing from government data

Andrew Harvey andrew at alantgeo.com.au
Thu Aug 19 06:20:49 UTC 2021

On Thu, 19 Aug 2021, at 4:07 PM, Kevin Pye wrote:
> The Vicmap TR_ROAD table has a column "restrictions", in which a value '4' indicates that the road is private. In the latest version of the data, which was released only in the last couple of weeks, there are 158,466 roads with that restriction.

Yeah I did implement that actually at https://gitlab.com/alantgeo/gov2osm-tracks-conflation/-/blob/master/src/vic.js#L22-28 which sets the tag on the feature in MapRoulette.

  1: 'motor_vehicle=private', // maintenance vehicles only
  2: 'note=seasonal closure', // subject to seasonal closure
  4: 'motor_vehicle=no', // permanently closed
  5: 'motor_vehicle=private', // private access
  7: 'note=dry weather only' // dry weather only

Whether we have enough confidence enough to trust this is the question.

A track appearing in both this dataset and on imagery in my view is enough to map it as a highway=track. Without an access tag we are saying we aren't sure and it needs surveying.

If we add the access tag from Vicmap, then in my view that becomes more like an import and less like armchair mapping which this quest is geared towards? So we need to decide if we err on the side of caution, omit the tag and let on the ground surveys fill in those details or blindly trust Vicmap access restrictions.
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