[talk-au] highway=safe_t_cam in Australian Tagging Guidelines

Ian Steer iansteer at iinet.net.au
Sun Feb 14 23:16:07 UTC 2021

> Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 23:24:56 +1100
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> I just had cause to map one from today's imagery. -34.696242,146.341139
> It was already present as highway:speed_camera
> I changed to highway:safe_t_cam and retained the maxspeed:100kph. It changed the the feature type to Highway Feature.
> Just checking if correct..

I question this whole "safe_t_cam" terminology.  Here in WA they are never referred to as "safe_t_cams".  I suspect it is  made-up name by the local police department to try and make it look like the purpose of them is for the safety of road users, and not revenue raising.

I think something more generic like "highway:speed_camera" is a much more generic tag suitable for all jurisdictions.


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