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Cameron de Witte cameron at dewitte.id.au
Sat Feb 27 02:04:09 UTC 2021

While it could technically be an import it doesn't really look like some 
big automatic change, a lot of manual work seems to have gone into it 
(entire wind farms mapped, sites of power stations cleaned up etc.), 
just the tagging data seems to be the most problematic thing given the 
claimed source for the data.

works for me and contains a spreadsheet "NEM Generation Information Jan 
2021" which is an aggregated list of all generators and owners, and 
probably the source file for a lot of tags.

I've never really looked closely at AEMO's licensing information: 
but it does contain this weird statement:

 > In addition to the uses permitted under copyright laws, AEMO confirms 
its general permission for anyone to use AEMO Material for any purpose, 
but only with accurate and appropriate attribution of the relevant AEMO 
Material and AEMO as its author.

I'm still not convinced that makes it okay for OSM use, and at the very 
least would probably need clearer tags to confirm AEMO as the source.

Perhaps we're moving a bit off the topic of a solar farm now and need to 
split this topic off... :)

On 27/2/21 11:23 am, Ewen Hill wrote:
> Cameron.
>    Thanks for noting this. It looks like the editor is from overseas 
> and this has added 505, modified 654 and deleted 135 items however 
> some of the modified may be improving the tagging.
> Is it possible to revert this change set seven months in, to such a 
> vast area ? I would certainly leave a changeset comment and contact 
> the poster initially to tell him of the way to process imports to 
> avoid a repeat. The other issue is that the URL he mentioned is now a 
> 404 error.
> Any thoughts Andrew?
> Changeset details (very slow to render): 
> https://osmcha.org/changesets/88629371/ 
> <https://osmcha.org/changesets/88629371/>
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