[talk-au] Question - farm road access tag.

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Hi Bob

Generally speaking I wouldn’t necessary trust the Queensland Globe roads in outback areas at the minor road or track level – have a look in the cadastral parcel layer, that will provide your best clues.  DNRM have worked hard over the last 15 years to try and get the RMS error of all cadastral parcels down to less than a metre in most places.  There should be a road casement, easement or strata title to help you.  Barring that I would also check the stock routes – these should also align with cadastre but (and my land tenure knowledge gets shaky here) they don’t in every case. The road dataset on the other hand has had no such concerted effort for improvement.  The state roads from TMR will be excellent but minor roads in the general dataset may not have been looked at for many years and some were wrong to start with.


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Thanks for the clarification Mike.

To add misery to the problem Queensland Globe has the road stopping short of the homestead by some distance, even though council is maintaining that section. Perhaps the road closure request has been enacted badly?

There is access to the river from the other (west) side by a road that exists in Globe, but still on that stations property. That road is not on OSM nor does it physically exist.

Think I'll leave both the homestead and past it as private. As the guidelines says, "erring on the safe side".

Cheers Bob
On 1/7/21 9:29 am, Mike King wrote:
Hi Bob

In these cases its probably easier to consider the road “private” past the closure point.  In Queensland (not sure about other states) a landowner can apply to have a disused or rarely used public road corridor “closed”.  They can then use the land for farming purposes with caveats from the road owner - you can’t build on or crop on the corridor but you can use it for your own farm vehicles and grazing.  Legally the land is still property of the road owner (Qld Gov) but the public right of access is removed so you cannot legally traverse that section whether there are gates there or not without raising the ire of the landowner and potentially being subject to trespass laws.  Similarly if you look at the cadastre in Queensland Globe you should see either a road casement and or a strata title to reflect this and on that point all public roads in Queensland will have a road corridor and your public right of access doesn’t extend past that whether there is a fence or not.

Hope that helps – other OSM folk will be better help in terms of tagging

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