[talk-au] [EXTERNAL] Re: Low quality road classification contributions in SA via Microsoft Open Maps Team - contact point?

Nemanja Bracko (E-Search) v-nebrac at microsoft.com
Mon Jul 12 13:07:29 UTC 2021


I know it might be a vacation period for most people, but if you are still online, we would like to know which method is more acceptable for the whole community before we proceed.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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Subject: RE: [talk-au] [EXTERNAL] Re: Low quality road classification contributions in SA via Microsoft Open Maps Team - contact point?

Thanks again for the constructive suggestions.

My team will treat this very carefully and as a high priority.

Two main questions are here:

  *   Do you want us to correct the classification for every of these ~2500 segments?
     *   If the answer is Yes, please tell us what to do with the access tag. We will strictly follow your guideline. We would like to fix it in one pass.
  *   Do you want us to remove all these roads entirely from the map?

Both options are completely fine with us since we have a list of these segments already. In any of these two cases, we will process them one by one. No bulk edits will be made.


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Subject: Re: [talk-au] [EXTERNAL] Re: Low quality road classification contributions in SA via Microsoft Open Maps Team - contact point?

On Sat, 3 Jul 2021 at 17:28, Ewen Hill <ewen.hill at gmail.com<mailto:ewen.hill at gmail.com>> wrote:

The examples below could cause significant resentment to OSM and I would suggest that all are private driveways that I can see. Perhaps we need to stop updating, reset and look at how to improve the existing edits. An initial suggestion could be to set all new roads to private, add a fixme and perhaps organise a map-roulette of these? Of the ten edits I sampled, all ten appeared to be private driveways on private property.

I am sure a few of us would be happy to discuss some of these changesets with the MS team so we can both learn a little more and see how we can assist before large changesets.


Yes, I'd go along with Ewen here.

The first of these examples "could" be a through public road, the second looks like two private driveways that join in the middle, & I'd be amazed if the third isn't only a driveway.



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