[talk-au] Funding for OpenStreetMap initiatives

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Jul 14 02:05:59 UTC 2021

The high-viz (ORANGE!) vest?  Been there, done that, those are visually loud and itchy, uncomfortable vinyl.  I would prefer something like a lanyard-badge/card with real OSM logos (could be Australian chapter, for me it'd be OSM-US) and I'd even put my photo on that (and I'm really sensitive to getting my photo put on a badge, like I won't do it for my Costco membership; I say it is against my religion because it is against my personal beliefs to do that).  But I wouldn't be sharing this "OSM Badge" with anybody besides a person I showed it to ("carry a clipboard and act important") and struck up a chat with about OSM and smiled as I answered all questions to the best of my ability.  "Business cards" are also a great idea, put the website on 'em and we might have just earned a new volunteer after they check us out.

Yeah, fitting into those paradigms of "ambassador, have I answered all of your questions..." and badges and business cards, maybe even a sort of vCard between smartphones, yeah, any or all of those seem like they gain traction and respect for our project.  Community building happens on all sorts of levels, these are good ones.

There are all sorts of sites that let you upload some graphics and a photo-per-badge and they'll pump 'em out for maybe AUD5 each in quantity 20 or so.  Decent templates and design tools are built right into the website and are what I'd call (having used them) "not bad."  Good luck, sounds like a sweet spot.

California, USA

> On Jul 13, 2021, at 6:03 PM, Jonathon Rossi <jono at jonorossi.com> wrote:
> @Graeme, I don't have the time or really the skills to design one, but am happy to provide feedback. Another organisation I volunteer with here in QLD has a plastic credit card sized ID exactly as I described above, portrait orientation with a slot at the top. I recall it was shipped directly to me from a Gold Coast company that prints them, no idea the cost.

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