[talk-au] New GPS trace of Australian Alps Walking Track

Brendan Barnes brenbarnes at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 03:33:50 UTC 2021

Hi all,

The Australian Alps Walking Track Ranger Relay is set to be held 1 November
- 11 December (subject to health advice and border closures of course).
Staff from various Partner Agencies will be participating in the walk,
completing sections of the AAWT.

I've reached out to the Australian Alps National Parks Co-operative
Management Program Manager, and he has agreed the relay teams will carry
one GPS unit to make a new trace of the AAWT. They will upload the recorded
GPS track files to OpenStreetMap when complete.

Is anyone in the OSM community also part of Parks Victoria, NSW NPWS, or
ACT Parks? It would be great to drive internal support and have additional
GPS units and participants logging GPS tracks for higher precision.

Is anyone interested in walking a section with the Ranger Relay and doing
some GPS tracking and field surveying with them? If so the event organiser
committee contacts are available at

New GPS data (and potentially survey records) will be highly valuable for
improving track alignment for two main reasons. A lot of backcountry
sections are yet to have OSM GPS tracks uploaded, and the Bimberi
Wilderness has only recently reopened since the Black Summer fires, and
I've heard there's been some track realignments as a result.

AAWT relation: https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1644959

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