[talk-au] Can anyone make sense of this?

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Thu Jul 29 13:26:24 UTC 2021

He added another 100 to 200 pointless "no u turn" restrictions as far as I
can see, without replying to my previous changeset comment (or any of his
previous changesets that anyone has ever commented on as far as I can tell):




Like, if there is a roundabout and the entries/exits have been mapped as a
short distance of split one-way roads, he's added a "now u-turn" restriction
to every point where these come together.


Could someone please have a look and tell me if I'm completely out of line
thinking this introduces a huge amount of unnecessary noise to the map?


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I just noticed this change set:



And I have a hard time making sense of it.


As far as I can tell, these are primarily 100s of totally unnecessary turn

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