[talk-au] Victorian Vicmap Address Import Proposal

Andrew Harvey andrew at alantgeo.com.au
Tue Jun 8 04:59:01 UTC 2021

To sum up the contentious issue of suburb, postcode, state tags,

- Phil, Daniel and Seb would prefer the suburb and postcode on each address object.
- Andrew Davidson and cleary would prefer we not include suburb and postcode on each address object and instead require data consumers to derive this data from the existing boundaries, and actively discourage mappers manually adding this data via removing the preset in ID.

Thinking further I'd support including the full address details on each address object, to provide a complete address, even if duplicated by the boundary. QA tools could be built to validate these match the admin boundaries and it becomes a maintenance task to maintain these tags, but I think that's okay.

However, to avoid stalling this import on this issue (it doesn't sound like anyone will change their mind soon), I'll plan the minimum viable option of excluding addr:suburb, addr:postcode and addr:state from the import.

There's nothing stopping a further discussion of a planned automated edit to update address objects with suburb, postcode and state if the community changes their mind later on.

I'll make these changes to the import code, then once I've completed all the documentation and remaining issues hopefully post some import candidate files if anyone would like to review.

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