[talk-au] Victorian Vicmap Address Import Proposal

Phil Wyatt phil at wyatt-family.com
Wed Jun 9 06:24:33 UTC 2021

Go for it Andrew,


I am all for better data, so even small steps are better than missing data.


Re Data consumers - I tend to work with volunteer groups that often have a low level of GIS knowledge so 'complete exports' of data will always be best for them. It gets them started on mapping projects (QGIS) and also gets them into OpenStreetMap!


Cheers - Phil



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  Thank you for both your initial work and the communication as well as the listening. Can I congratulate you on the lib/toOSM.js for the capitalisation and duplication processing. Very detailed


A few numpty questions after being late to the party...

*	Is there a node id on the vicmap address and are we storing this in OSM so we can match and look for missing or deleted ones later?
*	Can we provide a couple of samples of the existingAddressesWithNewTagsOnly export once available 
*	Could we perform some sampling of suburbs/levels. Perhaps 

*	Mallacoota (large reserves, complex islands and altered crown/public land ownership)
*	Meringur or Learmouth (large farming community)
*	Fitzroy (complex inner city)

*	I can't see what happens on collision with a totally incorrect address. Is the new node just added where you can't find a matching address. 

*	Is there an exceptions file for the above that can be reviewed. Could map roulette some of these?

*	How have you gone with best practices globally?

I am amazed by the amount of code you have developed and documented to do this. The benefits of adding this import will far outweigh any minor local issues. Chapeau!






On Tue, 8 Jun 2021 at 16:19, cleary <osm at 97k.com <mailto:osm at 97k.com> > wrote:

Thanks Andrew. A considered and thoughtful response. I support your proposed actions. Your work for OSM is always very good and much appreciated.

On Tue, 8 Jun 2021, at 2:59 PM, Andrew Harvey via Talk-au wrote:
> To sum up the contentious issue of suburb, postcode, state tags,
> - Phil, Daniel and Seb would prefer the suburb and postcode on each 
> address object.
> - Andrew Davidson and cleary would prefer we not include suburb and 
> postcode on each address object and instead require data consumers to 
> derive this data from the existing boundaries, and actively discourage 
> mappers manually adding this data via removing the preset in ID.
> Thinking further I'd support including the full address details on each 
> address object, to provide a complete address, even if duplicated by 
> the boundary. QA tools could be built to validate these match the admin 
> boundaries and it becomes a maintenance task to maintain these tags, 
> but I think that's okay.
> However, to avoid stalling this import on this issue (it doesn't sound 
> like anyone will change their mind soon), I'll plan the minimum viable 
> option of excluding addr:suburb, addr:postcode and addr:state from the 
> import.
> There's nothing stopping a further discussion of a planned automated 
> edit to update address objects with suburb, postcode and state if the 
> community changes their mind later on.
> I'll make these changes to the import code, then once I've completed 
> all the documentation and remaining issues hopefully post some import 
> candidate files if anyone would like to review.
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Warm Regards

Ewen Hill

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