[talk-au] Victorian Vicmap Address Import Proposal

Sebastian S. mapping at consebt.de
Sun Jun 13 02:21:07 UTC 2021

Thanks Andrew for this great proactive communication. Please keep at it.

With regards to the suburb etc tags I must say I was swayed for some time. 
However I still feel that including the full address has more benefits for the majority of users. 
At the same time you have also provided options for checking and maintaining the data. A Maproulet task that flags POI seems a good idea to me.

It is true that the postcode etc can be deduced from the boundary relations but until this is done by the consumers for all POI I will support the full address.

Another way to argue would the that the postcode area could be deduced from the cloud of address points.

On 8 June 2021 2:59:01 pm AEST, Andrew Harvey via Talk-au <talk-au at openstreetmap.org> wrote:
>To sum up the contentious issue of suburb, postcode, state tags,
>- Phil, Daniel and Seb would prefer the suburb and postcode on each
>address object.
>- Andrew Davidson and cleary would prefer we not include suburb and
>postcode on each address object and instead require data consumers to
>derive this data from the existing boundaries, and actively discourage
>mappers manually adding this data via removing the preset in ID.
>Thinking further I'd support including the full address details on each
>address object, to provide a complete address, even if duplicated by
>the boundary. QA tools could be built to validate these match the admin
>boundaries and it becomes a maintenance task to maintain these tags,
>but I think that's okay.
>However, to avoid stalling this import on this issue (it doesn't sound
>like anyone will change their mind soon), I'll plan the minimum viable
>option of excluding addr:suburb, addr:postcode and addr:state from the
>There's nothing stopping a further discussion of a planned automated
>edit to update address objects with suburb, postcode and state if the
>community changes their mind later on.
>I'll make these changes to the import code, then once I've completed
>all the documentation and remaining issues hopefully post some import
>candidate files if anyone would like to review.
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