[talk-au] The Paradox of Postcodes (Was Re: Victorian Vicmap Address Import Proposal - Suburb and Postcode discussion)

Andrew Davidson theswavu at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 09:32:39 UTC 2021

On 14/6/21 10:28 pm, Ewen Hill wrote:
> With regard to postcodes. The proprietary nature and no formal 
> notification of change to postcodes makes the whole process of getting 
> data less than optimal. 

This is the weird thing about postcodes in Australia.

On one hand they are designed to be used on mail, so that it can be 
delivered efficiently. We're expected to know what the postcode of the 
address we're mailing is and to add it.

On the other hand postcode boundaries are proprietary and you are 
expected to pay for them:


So how does that work? How am I supposed to know what to put on the 
letter? Better still, what is the market for paying for a postcode 
boundary dataset? Given that it is secret then your customers are not 
going to be using the same thing as you.

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