[talk-au] Low quality road classification contributions in SA via Microsoft Open Maps Team - contact point?

Daniel O'Connor daniel.oconnor at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 06:09:39 UTC 2021

I've noticed and raised https://github.com/microsoft/Open-Maps/issues/65 to
no response in the last 24 hours, ditto to changeset comments; and it looks
like the team is still chugging away. Not all of the edits are wrong, but a
lot are.

Overpass suggests up to ~5000 highway=residential or highway=unclassified
roads with blank names are present in around ~2500 changesets; but I'm not
sure how far back OSMCha looks.

Do we have a better contact point?

I'm concerned that it's about to route a lot of people through private
farms; thinking it's just normal; public road.

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