[talk-au] Question - farm road access tag.

Bob Cameron bob3bob3 at skymesh.com.au
Tue Jun 29 12:43:12 UTC 2021

I recently had cause to visit (in person) a large cattle station in NW 
Qld. Their driveway is a 25km westward jaunt from Burke Developmental Rd 
to the Leichhardt River. The road is named for the station and even 
appears on the Qld traffic site as closed during flooding. ie it is 
public. (tertiary)

The first 4km or so is actually traversing another station's paddocks. 
There is an information only sign at the point where the destination 
station starts.

Get to a 800 metres from the main office and there is the usual 
biosecurity and visitors go here signage. This is the homestead, 
workshop etc area.

Go out the other side and there is an intended road closure notice (same 
road name) posted that would revert (I assume) council responsibility to 
the station for the last kilometre before it vanishes into the river.

At what point does the road become private, if at all? Should one use 
access=destination instead?

Should access=destination be generally used to define roads traversing 
properties in cases like this, or is it just understood that leaving the 
road is not allowed.


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