[talk-au] Way errors in Quilpie Qld

Bob Cameron bob3bob3 at skymesh.com.au
Sat Oct 2 07:27:01 UTC 2021

I am currently near this nice quiet place and am leaving shortly.


I note that there is a fairly large discrepancy between some of the 
roads and the public GPS traces. The main E-W highway is also split, but 
not in OSM. Imagery and GPS traces are however close.

I am very reluctant to move ways as I really don't have a good reference 
source. I understand that Qld Globe cadastral data is far more accurate 
than their roads, and OSM has a waiver to use. It isn't however a non 
custom ID editor layer?

Would anyone with the knowledge as to how be interested in 
checking/realigning the streets? (about 4x5 blocks) I mighty drive up 
and down all the streets here (both directions - 2x GPS units) as I 
leave, as an additional check..

Quilpie is the town (council) that complained about Eromanga being in 
the wrong place on GM. Apparently they have signs around here suggesting 
one should ignore G based GPS navigation information!

The town features are also a bit messy. Duplication of points vs area. 
Fixing the way alignment first though might be a good idea.


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