[talk-au] Way errors in Quilpie Qld

Bob Cameron bob3bob3 at skymesh.com.au
Sat Oct 2 10:39:45 UTC 2021

Wow, what a changeset!

Bing was 2010-2012. The Maxar Premium seems the most recent.

Whatever the case with the buildings, the roads tend to be used as 
anchors for many features. I guess the opinion I am looking for is that 
if a formal source can't be found/used, will my GPS run tomorrow (plus 
the existing traces) be acceptable? I can make a point driving a set 
centre distance but errors will still happen. The current trace/way 
error is in the region of 8-20m.

Being Sunday too the dashcam view wont be too obscured by parked cars. 
Also worth a walk to see if any businesses are closed.

On 2/10/21 7:01 pm, Warin wrote:
> Note the changeset comment in 
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/58251817#map=16/-26.6197/144.2679...
> "l know these places are in the right place now as l have lived here 
> all my life." He used bing as a source .. so I think that may mean 
> they are ok in relation to one another ..

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