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Hi Sebastian 

The full version of the Victorian Road rules can be found here (or via the link from the VicRoads website)

As noted in an earlier comment on this forum the Vic road rules apply in roads and road related areas – see rules 11-13.  Footpaths and nature strips adjacent to roads are considered a road related areas and are  subject to the footpath cycling restrictions in those areas.

However there does not appear to be any provision in the Victorian Road Rules that I can find to extend Victorian road rules to all unmarked (I.e. the vast majority) off-road and unsealed paths in Victoria away from roads.  

As Tony asked in one of the comments on your changesets, it would be useful to have a link or URL to the VicPol advice, e.g. particularly if there is some other Victorian regulation that extends the Victorian footpath cycling restrictions to other paths away from areas adjacent to roads.  


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Hi there,

I’m starting a new thread in relation to recent discussion regarding access on footpaths which have bicycle=No

In the Melbourne Bikepath cycling community there has been vigorous discussion relating to the strict rules the cyclists must follow and not ride on footpaths due to Victorian Road Rules. Victorian cyclists know that we are not permitted to ride of footpaths. 
Members of the community have even sought confirmation of permissions from Vic police who have confirmed to the affirmative that unless a path is specifically signed to be used by a cyclist, then cyclists are not permitted to use it from a legal perspective. 

In my view, some of the data in OSM is incorrect as a footpath will some times have permission bicycle=yes which is incorrect. The majority of the time allowed access will have bicycle=unspecified (not defined)which I think is fine.
The issue is that cycling software, apps and gps units used by cyclist takes information from OSM and then creates a route based on the permission assigned to the road/path in OSM.

I’d be keen to hear from other Victorian cyclists in the OSM community on the best way to tag paths so that they do not allow cyclists. 


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