[talk-au] Survey/GPS trace request for Snowies Iconic Walk Phase 2

Phil Wyatt phil at wyatt-family.com
Fri Oct 8 03:11:53 UTC 2021

Hi Brendan,


Maybe drop a request on the NSW section of the bushwalk forum. Bound to be someone heading that way. There are also a few OSM folks on there as well




There is also a guy that makes files for Garmin GPS’s based on OSM so plenty of OSM supporters.




Cheers - Phil



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Hi OSM Bushwalkers,


This spring will be the official opening of the "Snowies Iconic Walk Phase 2" in Kosciuszko National Park. This will be a brand new 5.6km stretch of alpine hiking trail built to modern standards that follows the Snowy River between Illawong Lodge and Charlotte Pass, and features the brand new Spencers Creek Bridge - now Australia's highest suspension bridge (1627m).




Unfortunately I'm stuck on the wrong side of a state border for the foreseeable future and am unable to survey and trace this new trail. If there's any keen walkers on the list who are permitted to travel to Kosci, I think your data would be a valuable contribution to the OSM project.


With this track being new and coming under the Snowies Iconic Walk banner I'm sure this will become a very popular walk. Being able to map what's on the ground so quickly, I'm hoping the OSM community will be able to map the new 5.6km section so that downstream hiking apps can leverage our data this summer. Further, once signage is complete, this will be the first major realignment of the Australian Alps Walking Track in quite some time.


If there's anyone with survey or trace info, I'd be happy to collaborate and help with the mapping.


Thanks and happy trails,



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