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Sun Oct 17 22:33:39 UTC 2021

Hi Andrew

Speaking as another relatively inexperienced editor, don't be too  

"I used MapShareVic" It takes a bit of getting used to but OSM is very  
fussy about allowable sources. There are good arguments for why. It  
can be frustrating when you have a perfectly good source that has  
given permission but you can't use it. Safest to only use what you  
have seen on the ground.

"I decided it was better to delete it and start again" The problem  
with this is that you loose the history of the object, I try to  
repurpose all the nodes if I can.

"has deleted all the editing I spent many hours on" deleted but not  
lost, the record remains, you might be able to use it somehow,  
probably not.

Anything that has anything to do with a relation I leave to more  
experienced mappers. Start small, leave the big stuff for experienced  

Keep contributing.


> Good afternoon
> I emailed the group for the first time recently:
> *?I am a basic OSM editor. I usually just correct obvious map errors I find
> while hiking/cycling. I have tried to be a little more ambitious every now
> and then, but I have found it can be quite difficult to keep other editors
> happy with what I do.?*
> I am writing to get some feedback from other members regarding an issue
> with another editor regarding  Changeset: 112406297 | OpenStreetMap
> <https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/112406297#map=11/-36.7730/144.6082&layers=G>
> I used MapShareVic as my source, but was told that this is not allowed. I
> am surprised by this as MapshareVic is the official Victorian Government
> land software.
> The background to this is that Fryers Ridge State Forest as depicted on the
> map was completely incorrect, and I was attempting to correct it. Using iD,
> I decided it was better to delete it and start again.
> I am trying to edit the map in good faith using iD. I have tried using JOSM
> in the past, but found it to be too daunting and have been unable to find
> any good tutorials on YouTube.
> As far as I can tell Warin61 has deleted all the editing I spent many hours
> on
> Maybe there is someone here who can help me get back to using JOSM?
> It would be good to see what others think about this.
> Kind Regards
> Andrew Parker

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