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Thanks Ben
Where can we get source material for Victorian State Forests, National Parks etc?
Andrew Parker 

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On 18 Oct 2021, 09:23, at 09:23, Ben Kelley <ben.kelley at gmail.com> wrote:
>We need to be very careful about intellectual property with a project
>OSM. We cannot use maps (and aerial photos etc) where the owner does
>give us permission.
>I can understand that this is frustrating when you have spent time on
>and you had good intentions, but the original copyright owner won't see
>that way.
>There is more detail on the wiki at
>Some government agencies give explicit permission for OSM to use their
>data. Without explicit permission, this data cannot be used in OSM.
> - Ben Kelley.
>On Mon, 18 Oct 2021 at 08:31, Andrew & Ingrid Parker
><canlodge at gmail.com>
>> Good afternoon
>> I emailed the group for the first time recently:
>> *‘I am a basic OSM editor. I usually just correct obvious map errors
>> find while hiking/cycling. I have tried to be a little more ambitious
>> now and then, but I have found it can be quite difficult to keep
>> editors happy with what I do.’*
>> I am writing to get some feedback from other members regarding an
>> with another editor regarding  Changeset: 112406297 | OpenStreetMap
>> I used MapShareVic as my source, but was told that this is not
>allowed. I
>> am surprised by this as MapshareVic is the official Victorian
>> land software.
>> The background to this is that Fryers Ridge State Forest as depicted
>> the map was completely incorrect, and I was attempting to correct it.
>> iD, I decided it was better to delete it and start again.
>> I am trying to edit the map in good faith using iD. I have tried
>> JOSM in the past, but found it to be too daunting and have been
>unable to
>> find any good tutorials on YouTube.
>> As far as I can tell Warin61 has deleted all the editing I spent many
>> hours on
>> Maybe there is someone here who can help me get back to using JOSM?
>> It would be good to see what others think about this.
>> Kind Regards
>> Andrew Parker
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