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Hi all, can I offer a different spin on this - interested to hear feedback. I think the question of whether we have permission to use MapShare is inappropriate.  (And hence the original changeset comment is inaccurate). MapShare is just a data portal. We have permission to use a number of Vic gov datasets in OSM, as listed on the permissions waiver wiki (eg the roads dataset). The Vic gov provides these datasets to the public in a range of ways, including as GIS datasets, on the MapShare page and the VicNames register, amongst others.

Hence we have explicit permission to use *some* of the data that is shown on the MapShare site (roads, POI, etc), but not all of it. Similarly, we have permission to use some of the data shown on the VicNames register, but not everything that is shown on the register.

This makes it really hard for users to judge which info we can and can’t use, but there’s probably not a simple way around that. The key question here, imo, is whether we have permission to use the dataset that contains the State Forests boundaries.

If we do, then the data could be accessed through Mapshare or any other means. If we don’t, then the official boundaries can’t be obtained from any available source. That’s how I interpret it, but I’m basing this interpretation off the fact that we need to seek permission to use each dataset, not the portal it is obtained from. Hope that makes sense. Curious to hear how others view things. Thanks for raising the question Andrew. Cheers Ian

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