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Exactly as Ian's said. We have permission to use Vicmap CC BY data, you can
search on https://www.data.vic.gov.au/. It looks like a few state forest
and public land data is available.

On Mon, 18 Oct 2021, 12:08 pm Little Maps, <mapslittle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all, can I offer a different spin on this - interested to hear
> feedback. I think the question of whether we have permission to use
> MapShare is inappropriate.  (And hence the original changeset comment is
> inaccurate). MapShare is just a data portal. We have permission to use a
> number of Vic gov datasets in OSM, as listed on the permissions waiver wiki
> (eg the roads dataset). The Vic gov provides these datasets to the public
> in a range of ways, including as GIS datasets, on the MapShare page and the
> VicNames register, amongst others.
> Hence we have explicit permission to use *some* of the data that is shown
> on the MapShare site (roads, POI, etc), but not all of it. Similarly, we
> have permission to use some of the data shown on the VicNames register, but
> not everything that is shown on the register.
> This makes it really hard for users to judge which info we can and can’t
> use, but there’s probably not a simple way around that. The key question
> here, imo, is whether we have permission to use the dataset that contains
> the State Forests boundaries.
> If we do, then the data could be accessed through Mapshare or any other
> means. If we don’t, then the official boundaries can’t be obtained from any
> available source. That’s how I interpret it, but I’m basing this
> interpretation off the fact that we need to seek permission to use each
> dataset, not the portal it is obtained from. Hope that makes sense. Curious
> to hear how others view things. Thanks for raising the question Andrew.
> Cheers Ian
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