[talk-au] "Removing closed or illegal trails." (in Nerang National Park)

Phil Wyatt phil at wyatt-family.com
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Hi Folks,


In this case the user name of NTCA is a bit of a hint. Took me a couple of
minutes to find this group


https://www.facebook.com/nerangtrailcare/ - Nerang Trail Care Alliance


In this case I would agree with the deletions


Cheers - Phil


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"Removing closed or illegal trails. Tidy up of Fire Roads and places"


My opinion on the topic is:


If it exists on the ground, it gets mapped. If there is no legal access,
that's access=no or access=private. If it's a path that has been created by
traffic where it's not officially meant to go, it's informal=yes.


That seems to be in line with the previously established consensus on the
list here:


I have no local knowledge of the area and am not really invested in this one
way or another, but I feel that paths that verifiably physically exist on
the ground (which I assume these are) shouldn't be simply deleted. If access
is legally prohibited in some way, then the tags should reflect that, not
the way simply being deleted.


What's the general opinion about this?




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