[talk-au] "Removing closed or illegal trails." (in Nerang National Park)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Oct 29 08:45:55 UTC 2021


On 29.10.21 09:08, forster at ozonline.com.au wrote:
> You could map a track under the "if it exists then map it" rule but you
> don't have to. We do not map women's refuges and they exist. We don't
> have to map every informal trail.

This is true, and we shouldn't go out of our way to thwart the efforts
of park managers. Having said that,

1. Sometimes the matter can be a civil rights issue - depending on the
legal situation, people might have the *right* to use a path but a park
manager would prefer them not to, and therefore deletes the track in
order to keep people from exercising their rights. In that situation,
while the park manager might want the best for the environment, the park
manager would have to work to change the legal situation instead of
trying to mislead people about what they are allowed to do.

2. In similar discussions we had people working with search and rescue
teams say that they prefer to use OSM maps because those show the
informal trails, and if you're searching for someone who got lost,
knowing which informal trails they might have taken can be helpful -
might even save lives.

3. If you have an emergency out in the wild, knowledge about informal or
even prohibited/closed tracks can be helpful and again, might even save

4. If you are navigating without a GPS, you might use trails for
orientation ("take the second left after entering the forest" or
whatever). In these cases if there's a trail that exists and is visible
but is not shown on the map, you will mis-count.

Therefore I would like to agree with Paul and Thorsten, and stress that
we should (a) map access tags properly, and (b) lobby web sites and apps
using OSM data to properly process these access tags, by not including
access-restricted trails in routing or route suggestions, and by clearly
marking these restrictions on maps.


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