[talk-au] Trouble with routing through an intersection

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On Thursday, 2 September 2021 4:03:16 PM AEST Michael James wrote:
> It's possible your change just hasn't made it's way to the routing 
> engines yet.
Tried again this morning in OSM and still the same.

> The only issue with the intersection is I would not have that single 
> segment between the highway and the 2 slip lanes, just connect the 
> slip lanes directly to the highway. This shouldn't stop a routing 
> engine finding a path.
Yes, I thought that short stretch seemed odd.  I'll delete that then and join each side of the traffic island directly to the Calder Hwy.

With this method, will I need to do anything to not disturb Route C274 which uses that segment?

If you grab the one-way sections that already have the tags and relations and extend them to the main highway it should be fine, it's when you add an extra bit and forget to add it to the relation that it might cause problems.


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