[talk-au] Import vs filtering query

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Mon Sep 6 04:37:19 UTC 2021

To be clear, Ian, I'm not saying this use of data is an import, as you have said and as it appears to me and others, it is / would be using the data as a "filtering process" in a workflow.  As such, I'm good with that.

The points I was making are that 1) data drift over time and 2) there are some in OSM who say that "verified on the ground" data are superior to other forms of "published" data (via satellite or by governments).  A corollary could be that one of the more strong rebukes you might receive (and I haven't heard any here yet) is that you are using government data, rather than "ground-truthed" data.  Fine.  Again, I'm OK with what and how you are doing this, I think you are getting a lot of "green lights" as feedback.


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