[talk-au] Melbourne Intersections with duplicate ways and turn lanes

Andrew Harvey andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 03:54:58 UTC 2021

On Wed, 15 Sept 2021 at 09:57, <me at diacritic.xyz> wrote:

> Thanks Andrew,
> I’ve reached out to the user on a changeset, and will hopefully have a
> good conversation about it.
There's a good chance they won't respond, but best to still give them the
chance, if you don't hear back and there's no further objection to
re-mapping these based on the split way only where physically separated,
then you can go ahead and correct them on the map. If they continue to
replace things based on their style, without responding to your attempts to
raise concerns and there is consensus here that their mapping is harmful,
then it can be raised through DWG as a last resort.

>  In the meantime, I’ve found about 30-50 intersections with these
> duplicate ways and lanes. Would it be useful to add notes, or fix me tags
> to those intersections? I’m wary about flooding any feedback channels with
> many instances of the same problem, but it could help keep track of where
> work is needed?

You could do either. Personally I usually reserve notes for when I need
something checked on the ground, but notes can be used as you've suggested

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