[talk-au] Melbourne Intersections with duplicate ways and turn lanes

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Wed Sep 15 05:47:23 UTC 2021

On Wed, 15 Sept 2021 at 13:59, Andrew Harvey <andrew.harvey4 at gmail.com>

> On Wed, 15 Sept 2021 at 09:57, <me at diacritic.xyz> wrote:
>> Thanks Andrew,
>> I’ve reached out to the user on a changeset, and will hopefully have a
>> good conversation about it.
> There's a good chance they won't respond, but best to still give them the
> chance, if you don't hear back and there's no further objection to
> re-mapping these based on the split way only where physically separated,
> then you can go ahead and correct them on the map. If they continue to
> replace things based on their style, without responding to your attempts to
> raise concerns and there is consensus here that their mapping is harmful,
> then it can be raised through DWG as a last resort.

They have in the past replied to me quring one of their edies in
question. Changeset:
108100471 | OpenStreetMap

>>  In the meantime, I’ve found about 30-50 intersections with these
>> duplicate ways and lanes. Would it be useful to add notes, or fix me tags
>> to those intersections? I’m wary about flooding any feedback channels with
>> many instances of the same problem, but it could help keep track of where
>> work is needed?
> You could do either. Personally I usually reserve notes for when I need
> something checked on the ground, but notes can be used as you've suggested
> here.
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