[talk-au] Albert Park Grand Prix Track

Diacritic me at diacritic.xyz
Wed Sep 22 21:39:30 UTC 2021


The Albert Park Grand Prix track is currently drawn as a separate 
'raceway', broken up into sectors, using some nodes of Lakeside Drive 
and Aughtie Drive.

It's pretty cool t see the route, but I'm not sure it's correct to have 
it drawn in that way. The race track only exists for one month a year 
(COVID and construction notwithstanding), and the wiki seems to support 
the notion that temporary features shouldn't be included. Leaving the 
raceway there 24/7 might give non-locals the impression the track is in 
service all year.

I can't find a similar equivalent in Australia to compare it to (not a 
big petrol-head) but Monaco, for example, doesn't have a raceway drawn 
across its roads, just a relation. (Well, mostly. It looks like there 
are frequent changes, but the raceway only exists in the ways that 
aren't normal roads.)


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