[talk-au] Shared driveways

Tom Brennan website at ozultimate.com
Thu Sep 23 10:16:12 UTC 2021

I had never heard of "pipestem", but the actual key name isn't really 
relevant - any more than say "sidewalk" in Australia.

The wiki definition for "pipestem" is "shared driveway", which is what 
we're looking to help distinguish from single driveway (service=driveway).

As Graeme says, that appears to be highway=residential.

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On 23/09/2021 8:59 am, forster at ozonline.com.au wrote:
> Hi
> The possibility of retagging user HighRouleur's highway= service 
> service=driveway ways to highway= service service=driveway 
> driveway=pipestem
> occurred to me as well. But I have never heard of a pipestem before. 
> Maybe its something that is only done in the US? My thought was that if 
> I don't fully understand a tag I shouldn't be using it. Does a pipestem 
> describe https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/203549225 better than the 
> simpler
> highway= service? I think I prefer highway= service
> Tony
>> In doing the rounds of the Willoughby LGA, I've noticed there are quite
>> a lot of shared driveways. This has likely come about from where one
>> previously large block has been subdivided - sometimes multiple times.
>> Each block typically has access to the main road via a narrow strip of
>> land, on which the shared driveway sits.
>> The service=driveway tag is "a minor service road leading to a specific
>> property", so isn't really appropriate for driveways leading to
>> multiple properties.
>> So I've started tagging some of these as driveway=pipestem, as per the 
>> wiki:
>> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:service%3Ddriveway#Pipestems
>> What do people think?
>> The wiki also suggests service=pipestem as an alternative, but I prefer
>> service=driveway + driveway=pipestem as it's more compatible with
>> existing tagging - for most intents, if a shared driveway is
>> rendered/routed as a driveway, that should be acceptable.
>> An example:
>> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/957104517
>> Enable the DCS NSW Base Map in ID editor if you want to see the strips
>> of land via which each property has access to Fullers Rd.
>> cheers
>> Tom
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