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Where driveways end at a garage door (which is pretty much all driveways I’ve mapped), I’ve connected the driveway to a node shared with the building outline and tagged as entrance=garage. As the garages are pretty much all part of the main buildings, which have address tags on them, data consumers should be able to clearly identify the address of the driveway in that case.


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The wiki suggests you should use the addr tags instead:

addr:street=Jardine Road
addr:unit=a/b/c or leave off for common driveway

I have tried this in the past, but validation tools complained.
I'm not sure if it is acceptable to set an address on a driveway.

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I see that you have named the driveways. How does this sit with  


I don't "think" it goes against the grain of anything listed there?


No, driveways aren't (usually) signposted, but there will usually be a mail box beside them saying "32" - is that good enough to use as a street sign?


As mentioned, I did it that way to help people find the property - if there's overwhelming objection to it, I'll stop!







> On Thu, 23 Sept 2021 at 20:17, Tom Brennan <website at ozultimate.com <mailto:website at ozultimate.com> > wrote:
>> Graeme - are you saying that you are tagging them all the same? Just as
>> separate ways?
> Yep.
> Here's one that I did recently:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/-28.07919/153.23456, which was
> apparently a single property that was sub-divided.
> (Notes: I've just repositioned 32b's driveway as new imagery shows it
> further over to the side, & 32d could have it's own short stub, but it's
> not visible)
> Anybody (particularly Emergency Services!) can see that to get to 32 you go
> down here, & B is over there, C down that way, D right beside the road & A
> is right up the end.
> "32" is a service=driveway (+ access=private) from the road in to the A / C
> junction, & each of the other three are exactly the same from 32 to each
> house.
> Thanks
> Graeme

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